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Tinman Fitness

     Tinman Fitness is not your average gym.  It was founded by a few gym buddies that truly believe in what fitness can do to help a community.  Our vision is to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming, fun and have something for all people.  We want our members and guests to feel part of a community that encourages them to accomplish their goals and allows people to better themselves.  In fact our member call it "framily".  Everyone genuinely cares about the folks that sweat, laugh and reach goals together.

     We have a wide variety of classes and concepts that will surely fit a majority of people's interests.  We have a passion for all things fitness and wanted to have a gym that had the flexibility to handle many of them.  We base a lot of Workouts each day on many of today's best and latest principles, however, we work in all facets of fitness to make sure everyone can participate and do something they enjoy.  

      Another passion and goal we are striving towards is working with the many great organizations in the area.  Everything from special needs to local fundraising efforts.   Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help in any way.

                              Our Mission here at Tinman is to make a difference in people's life through our passion for fitness and community.


Abbey Elite Fitness

    Abbey Elite Fitness is a strategic Partner with Tinman Fitness.  Heather Abbey is a A.C.E certified Personal Trainer, an avid runner and a lover of all things fitness.  She brings to Tinman a well-established Group Training Program that works for people of all ages and levels.  Tinman will be implementing her classes into the schedule.  Those classes are fun for newbies, training with friends and working in an environment with a little more instruction.

     Heather will also be offering Personal Training for those who want that one on one training and/or want to develop the skills and movements necessary to complete the Daily Workouts with ease. 

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